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Blimp Projects

What is Projects?

Projects is our team collaboration software. It helps creative teams of all sizes organize and communicate effectively around the work that needs to be done. Our unique take on project management helps teams focus on clearly sharing the progress of many projects across an organization.


When we started working on our Projects app we'd already tried everything out there. From very simple to-do apps for our desktops to the most advanced and configurable SASS offerings available, but none of them seemed to work for our team.

Some added a lot of ceremony and others barely helped us keep track of who was doing what.

We wanted to use something simple that helped clearly communicate tasks and their status, but also the overall progress of all projects going on. We also knew that eliminating emails was not the whole problem. The problem was receiving tasks a bunch of paragraphs long and bullet lists which are not easy to keep track of.

We started experimenting and came up with the idea of a collaboration tool that was centered around tasks. Everything is a task, and conversations happen around tasks, and you pull in the people that need to be aware of what's going on. Instead of starting from long form email conversations we wanted to start from short tasks and expand.


After a few months and a lot of experimentation we developed Projects. A very minimal user interface on top of a very simple process for managing tasks. We put a lot of effort to keep the feature set as minimal as possible in order to help users focus on the tasks at hand instead of spending time deciding how to organize and communicate.

Projects offers a very familiar to-do list appearance with a lot of extra features that help all team members know who is doing what, what is progressing and what is on hold.


Projects is the product of years of experimentation. When we started we thought the best solution was to build a native desktop app. After doing a bunch of web prototypes we figured out that the web was the best platform for our product. Since then we've made many incremental changes making the product a little bit better each time.


Projects is used every day by tens of thousands of teams around the world. Most users are in the creative and software industries.

Tech Stack

From all of our products this is the one that has seen the most evolution. Development is still very active and the foundation that was built on 2010 is still strong and we believe it will serve us for many years to come.

Let's build something great together.

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