Gasolina Móvil

Gasolina Móvil

What is Gasolina Móvil?

Gasolina Móvil is a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows consumers to pay for gas right from their phone. Users open the app, scan a barcode located on the gas pump, select an amount and pay. The pump will automatically authorize and allow the dispensing of fuel. Simply the best way to pay for gas.


Currently in Puerto Rico, Gasolina Móvil's primary market, most stations don't offer pay-at-the-pump solutions. There are many reasons for this but one of the main ones is the cost of credit card transactions for stations and the acquisition costs of the equipment needed to accept cards at the pump. Our app solves both problems while providing a better and more secure user experience.

This project involves a lot of moving parts. From mobile apps, to cloud services, to pump control in the stations. This was a real challenge.

Gasolina Móvil

Tech Stack

For this project we decided to go with a hybrid mobile application approach, which combines all the native capabilities available on both Android an iOS platforms with agility of web development. Our backend systems interact with in-station POS and other pump control equipment. This project was a great experience and required us to use all of our team's skills.

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