What is FilePreviews?

FilePreviews is a service cloud API designed for developers. With just a few lines of code you can start generating image previews of many file types including Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Illustrator, video files and many others.



FilePreviews did not start as a standalone product, it is actually an artifact of making Boards. For the Boards project we knew we wanted to create a completely visual experience and for that we needed high resolution file previews of any file a user could throw at the app.

After trying every solution available we realized that if we wanted to build something powerful and fast enough for our need we had to build it from scratch and that’s what we did. Creating high quality previews for so many possible formats was going to be easy.


Our team decided to build FilePreviews as a standalone service that our other product could share. The decision to build a "micro service" prepared us for making the service available to third parties. What started as a simple service for our own product quickly scaled to a public cloud service used by many companies around the world.

FilePreviews FilePreviews

Tech Stack

From a technical standpoint this is probably the most interesting product we currently work on. It is by far the largest cluster of servers we manage and it sees much more traffic than any of our other products. The system was built to be automatically scaled horizontally and to interact with the outside world exclusively via RESTful API calls.

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