Blimp Boards

Blimp Boards

What is Boards?

Boards is a visual collaboration tool which allows you to manage, organize and share thousands of files and notes with your teammates. Whether you need to show your client the latest website design or collect design ideas for a wedding, Boards is a great place to keep it all.

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This project stemmed from our team's need to share and comment on the many designs we produce for our own products as well as the designs we produce for our clients. The idea was to create something simple and open source that could facilitate sharing and commenting.

We also knew that this was a visual tool. We needed to be able to preview all kinds of files, which led us to eventually create FilePreviews.

Tech Stack

Boards was one of our first products released in the "single page app" style. We built a very attractive interface that it's fast and really easy to understand while at the same time providing a lot of functionality.

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