Single-Project Users and Better Previews

By José Padilla 22 Sep 2015


As an update to our recent pricing changes, we’re releasing today a new feature called Single-Project Users.

A Single-Project User is a type of user that can only access a single project at a time. This role is great for when you have contractors working on a small and specific project for your company. Single-Project Users are similar to those with the discontinued “Client role”.

As of today, it won’t be possible to add new members with the Client role. Any existing users with the Client role in your company will keep working as always.

Oh, and did I mention Single-Project Users are free!? Users in your company with this role are not counted towards your monthly or yearly active users. You can have as many Single-Project users as you need without charge.

Better previews

We also recently improved thumbnails for uploaded files by using another of our products, Previously we only showed previews for images but FilePreviews allows us to generate thumbnails and previews for many different types of files like Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, RAW, PDF, audio and video files. Check it out below, a comment on a task with two files attached, a PowerPoint presentation and a Photoshop file.

Better previews

As always we want to know what you think

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