“New Tasks”

By Jomarie Alvelo 30 Apr 2015

Tasks re-design

It’s been a couple of days since we launched a complete redesign of one of the core elements of our project management tool: “Tasks”.

The new task design will help you manage and process tasks faster, making you and your team more efficient and effective.

So, what changed?

In general, we have tried to make the “syntax” of the new “Task” more clear and logical. The changes to the structure of the “task” now follow a Who / What / When / Status pattern.

New task design

Who – The assigned user’s pic has been moved from the far right corner of the task to the left, making it easier to identify who is in charge of a given task right at first glance.

What – The title and description of a task remains the same in terms of its position within the task syntax structure.

When – Due date is now clearly stated right next to the status box.

Status – The way to describe the “status” of a “task” has changed from a Do/Doing button to a drop-down “status-picker” where you get to choose between: Not Started; In Progress; On Hold and Completed.

Other mayor changes  we have implemented to “Tasks” include: “single click” to open a task instead of the old “double-click” and “Bulk Edits”.

New bulk edit mode

With “Bulk Edits” you will be able to select multiple tasks at once and apply changes to due date, assigned user and task status with just a few clicks.

Give it a try and let us know what you think hello@blimp.io.

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