Blimp 2 Open Design Project: Next steps

By Giovanni Collazo 11 Dec 2013

Blimp 2 Open Design Project: Next steps

For the past few weeks we’ve been sharing our thoughts on team collaboration software. The idea was to be as open as possible about how we are designing the next version and Blimp and in the process get your feedback and ideas so we can make the end product better.

The experience so far has been amazing. We got a lot of messages with great ideas, feedback on our proposals and mostly positive reactions. Today we are ready to take the design process to the next stage which means that we are going to actually start “throwing pixels at the problem”.

But before we start making pretty pictures we wanted to tell you that we are still listening and that we want to hear from you. Here’s a list of all the previous posts in the series, take a look and let us know what think. Are we missing something?

We want to hear what you have to say. Tell us about your team collaboration problems, we want to help. As always you can email us at or tweet @Blimp.

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