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By Giovanni Collazo 19 Nov 2013

Yesterday we talked (a lot) about tasks, but that’s not all. We have two more things to cover but before we begin remember that you can subscribe to the project’s newsletter to be notified about new posts.


Tasks will have a little start on the far right side which you can use to send items to the today list. When a task has changes a little dot will appear on the far left side of the task to show that it has new things that you haven’t seen. Once you see the task details, the dot goes away.

Tasks for Today

In a previous post we talked about the new “today” task list and said that this is a list of all tasks you intend to complete today. What we didn’t mention was how to put things into the list. The answer is really simple, the new task design will contain a button that will send tasks to the “today” list with just one click.

Task with today star

We are thinking about using a little star icon in a very light grey color to indicate that the current task is not in the “today” list and a colored star icon when the task is already on the “today” list.

Task with star icon on

The user can put tasks on the “today” list by clicking once and remove them by clicking once more.

The workflow that we envision goes like this: every day the user opens Blimp and goes hunting through all the lists and projects, searching for tasks to complete today. When the user finds a task that wants to complete today, the user clicks on the star and moves on. Once all the desired tasks are marked for today the user just goes to the “today” list and starts working on just those items.

The cool thing is that the “today” list will now contain items from various projects and even some “lonely tasks“. You can now focus on what needs to be done today and forget about everything else.

New tasks

Our customers have told us that they like the notifications they get from Blimp when something important happens. But they have also told us that they would like to have a lot more of them. The problem with that is that when we do tests with more notifications, customers complain about too much emails and we agree. We want to know what happened on a project but we don’t want to get even more emails. That’s what Basecamp is for.

We needed a new way of communicating that something has changed but in a clean and simple way that will not crowd your email. This is what we came up with.

Task with unread indicator

On the above sketch you can see a little dot (shown in red for illustration purposes) on the left side of the task. That little dot signals that the task has some new information in it. Once you see the task details the dot will go away. It works exactly as your email program which shows a little blue dot next to unread items. We plan to do exactly the same.

What do you think?

We really want to know what you think about all these changes we are proposing. What do you think? Do you have a better idea? Helps us spread the word about this open design project, we want to hear as much feedback as possible.

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