An Adventure in Open Design: Blimp 2.0

By Giovanni Collazo 13 Nov 2013

Open design: Blimp 2.0

A few weeks ago we started talking about what to do next. How can we make Blimp even better for our customers and for our own team. We looked at every support and feature request we had since launch and ranked them. After that we compared those requests with our notes from our regular customer interviews and noticed a pattern.


Our customers enjoy using Blimp and would love to use it even more. The thing is that they need Blimp to take over a few more responsibilities. They would love to have more tools as simple as Blimp.


We believe that we can add some functionality to enable new kinds of collaboration workflows within Blimp without giving up on simplicity and beauty in the interface and that’s what we plan to do. Blimp 2.0.


Blimp 2.0


The Process

We are going to share as much information as we can during the design process. The idea is that we are going to design and build this new version of Blimp as openly as possible. We are going to share our ideas as they develop and we’ll listen to what you have to say.

We start today

This open product design process starts today by sharing one of our most frequent feature requests. Customers want to be able to manage tasks that are not part of a particular project. A simple example of a task like this might be “Renew domain”. This task is just something you have to do today or soon but it’s not part of a particular project. Blimp needs a way to manage that.




We are thinking about how to solve that problem and will soon share what we think is the best possible solution. For now we would love to hear what you have to say. Do you have this problem? How do you currently solve it?

Update: You can read all the posts from the series on the Open Design Project category page.

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