says goodbye, Blimp says hello

By Giovanni Collazo 26 Oct 2013


Yesterday we learned that our friends at made the tough decision to discontinue the Do service on January 31, 2014. It’s always sad to see a product fade away and leave customers guessing what to do next.

Fear not. Right after we heard the news we started working on an import tool just like the ones we have for Basecamp and Trello. The import tool will be ready in a few days. We just have to kill a few bugs before making it publicly available.

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So, if you are a user and are looking where to go next, Blimp is your answer. Sign up free today and start familiarizing yourself . In a few days (when our importer goes live) you can just import everything from Do and just get back to working. Learn more about Blimp.

As always we would like to know what you think. Tweet @Blimp, or send us an email You can also leave a comment on Hacker News.

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