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By Giovanni Collazo 25 Jun 2013


Too much emails, make it stop!

We heard you loud and clear. Our notifications system was being a bit too chatty and we had to do something about it. The result is a totally new notifications system built from the ground up. We though about every single email notification Blimp was sending, got rid of a bunch of them and added a couple new ones.

The new notifications system is much smarter than what we had before. Now you won’t get as many emails and the ones that you get are much more meaningful and actionable. On top of that we re-designed the way emails look and we are really happy with the results.

Here’s more info on the features we added.

**Notification settings

** Since we launched personal workspaces a couple of weeks ago, a few of our users told us they wanted to send the notifications of each workspace to a different email address. Today we are happy to say that this is now possible.


You can select a different notification email address for each of your workspaces. The email that you choose for notifications will NOT affect your login information.  This is just for notification emails.

**Completed task notification

** We figured out that if you created or assigned a task you are probably interested in knowing when that task is completed. Blimp now has notifications for this event but if you don’t like it, there’s a way to turn it off on the notification settings page.

**Comment notifications

** Now whenever you write a comment your can decide if you want to send email notifications and who should get them. This way you are clear about who is getting an email and who isn’t.


**One more thing: New navigation

** Customers are telling us that they like the new workspace feature but that sometimes is hard to know at a glance in which workspace you are working on. **



** After some thought we came up with a new design that is simpler and makes it super easy to know in which workspace you are currently on.


As always we can’t wait to hear what your have to say about all this. You can tweet @Blimp or just send and email to

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