Workspaces: Let’s get personal

By Giovanni Collazo 10 Jun 2013

Important update: On August 9, 2013 we changed from workspaces to accounts. Some of the things described here no longer apply. Please read the updated blog post for details.

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We all have our work and the “other stuff”. For me that other stuff is my work with the local startup community and a few open source projects I maintain. For you, it might be a charity or maybe a team you coach. In any case, we want a way to keep our client’s work in one place without getting mixed up with our other stuff.

Workspaces to the rescue
Workspaces allow you to better organize your work. Keep all your client’s projects on your company workspace and your cool weekend projects on your personal workspace.


Switching workspaces is really simple. Just click on the little cog icon on the top right hand corner of the screen and click on the workspace you want to work on. From there you can also create additional workspaces.

Everyone with a Blimp account just got a FREE Personal workspace. That workspace comes with a free project to get you started. If you need to have more projects under your personal workspace, you can always upgrade to Blimp PRO and get unlimited everything in that workspace.

Blimp PRO accounts give you unlimited projects, unlimited users and unlimited file uploads within a workspace. Starting today you can own up to two Blimp FREE workspaces and as many Blimp PRO workspaces as you want.

This is just the beginning of a series of big updates to Blimp in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and as always let us know what you think by leaving a comment here or on Hacker News.

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