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By Giovanni Collazo 30 May 2013

Project status

If your company works on a lot of projects at the same time it’s really difficult to know the status of all projects in a simple and convenient way. You either have to ask the people involved on the different projects or you can go into your project management app and try to figure out the progress by looking at completed and pending tasks. If your progress depends on client approving your work, you know that completed tasks are just a part of the story.

Blimp set out to fix this problem from day one. That’s why we have a very nifty progress indicator that tries to help you make sense of the real progress of a project. Taking into account tasks that are waiting to be approved or validated in some way.

Today we are taking another step towards fixing that problem and in so, make projects progress information simple, more flexible and understandable to everyone on the team.

**Say hello to project status updates

** This new feature allows users to set a status message and a status color to any project. The idea is that users should update that status periodically to reflect the most recent state of the project. Now, on the projects page you can see and update the status message of all projects. This combined with the progress bar will allow you to better understand the current state of each project without having to jump into it.

Project status edit

To use this feature just go to your projects page, hover on a project and click on the “Update status” button. When you do, an editor will pop open so you just have to type. We imposed a limit of 140 characters for status messages to keep things short and to the point. After you are done with the message you can select a color, click on “Update” and you are done.

Now any user with access to that project will be able to see the status update right there. You can also see all the status updates from the project’s history page. The cool thing about the history page is that it allows you to see status updates in the context of other project actions.

We think this might help our customers a lot, but don’t take our word for it. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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