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By Giovanni Collazo 24 May 2013

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For projects to run smoothly is essential to manage client expectations and to let them understand what your team is doing and how it’s going. What you don’t want to do is sign a contract with a client, go into your cave and work for months and then emerge with a completed project. You are setting up yourself for a disaster.

What you need to do is constantly show progress to your client and ask for feedback when it makes sense, but as often as possible. Make sure you are working on the right stuff.

We thought about this and looked at how user roles worked in Blimp. It was obvious that things could be better so we fixed it. Now we only have four roles: Client, Team member, Administrator and Owner which is essentially and Administrator that can’t be removed from the company.

**The Client

** This is the most limited kind of user we have now. The idea is that you can create an account for your clients to collaborate on specific projects. One of the cool things about clients is that they can’t see other clients in your company unless they are working together on the same project. To make it clearer here’s a list of permissions client’s have.

**The Team Member

** This user role is designed for all the users of your company. They can do almost anything within Blimp except manage your company’s settings and other team members.

**The Administrator

** Reserve this kind of user for your most trusted co-workers. Administrators can view, update or delete anything and everything within your company.

The Owner

Finally we have the owner. This is the person that initially created the company on Blimp. This role has all the same rights as an administrator with the only addition being  that this user can’t be removed or changed by any other user. If you really need to  transfer ownership of a company just contact us to and we’ll help you out.

So there you have it, now clients can come in and safely collaborate on projects. This will open up Blimp for some cool new possibilities. Let us know if this makes sense to you and your team.

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