Break it down

By Jomarie Alvelo 22 May 2013


One of the key elements in our approach to project management is to encourage our users to break things down. This means to divide their projects up to its most basic elements with the help of goals and tasks.

Think of your projects as if they were garlic bulbs.

In the kitchen, when you cook a dish that takes lots of garlic, if you are not careful while you peel-off the skin on the bulb and each individual clove in it you might end-up finding remains of the clove’s skin on your finished dish, ruining what otherwise could have been an awesome meal.

In that sense when you take a project and divide into some general tasks it would be like peeling of the skin of the bulb and cloves while leaving some of it behind.

For our “break it down” approach to be succesful you have to be as specific as possible when determining what your goals and tasks are.

For example if you were to build a deck in your house (and please keep in mind I am just trying to illustrate a point here, I am no wood construction expert!) you shouldn’t  dive into your project with let’s say:

It should be more like:

By now you I am sure you are like “I got this”. Blimp is a very powerful tool for managing projects, goals and tasks in a team but you have to take a second and create projects, goals and tasks that are small enough.

It’s easy just remember these three words: Break it down!

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