Announcing due dates and calendar feed

By Giovanni Collazo 20 May 2013


Our users always win. Today we are announcing some of the most requested features since Blimp launched. Due dates, Google Calendar integration and Apple Calendar integration.

Now you can assign due dates to your project, on goals and on individual tasks. Our friendly Blimp Robot will remind you and your team 24 hours before the due date on any of those items.

One of the cool things of this new feature is that you can even edit due dates without opening the task or goal detail window. Just click on a due date and edit right there.



Calendar feed

After we finished with the due dates we needed a way to see all of them on the same screen so we decided to create an iCalendar feed for your company. On the projects page you now have “Calendar Feed” link that you can add to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and many other popular calendar applications. The feed is read only, so changes you make to the calendar will not be reflected on Blimp.


To add the feed to Apple Calendar just click on the link, the browser should open the application and add the calendar automatically.


To add it to Google Calendar, first go to your company’s projects page, right click on the Calendar Feed link and copy the link.



Then go to you calendar, click on “Add by url”, paste the url you copied from Blimp and click on Add Calendar.


That should be it.

We are really excited about this feature because a lot of you have been asking for it for a while. Please let us know what you think. We really need your feedback to keep making Blimp better.

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