Goals re-designed

By Giovanni Collazo 03 May 2013


When we started working on Blimp we where still doing a lot of client work. Blimp is the product of our frustration and desire to have a better tool for managing our own projects. When we launched five months ago we got it.

Since then we’ve been engaged in a constant conversation with our users and the broader freelance community. From these conversations we’ve extracted a lot of valuable insights that are constantly making it’s way into Blimp and making a great tool even better for project management in a lot of different scenarios.

Today we are extremely happy to show you our re-designed goals functionality. This might seem like a superficial change, but it will allow us to easily incorporate new features without making the app harder to use.

Now to see the details of a task you can just double click on it or right-click and select edit. If you are more of a keyboard user, don’t worry we have a lot of those too. Just hit ? on the keyboard and a panel will show you everything you can do. We’ve added two new keyboard shortcuts, d – toggles doing/do state on the selected task, and m – assigns/unassigns yourself to the selected task or goal.

Even though we tried our best not to include new features with this re-design one happen to slip out. Before you could add #tags to any task by just typing it on the title. Now you can do that, but also you can add even more tags from the new task detail view. These #tags will make it even more easy to find tasks within a project.

We really hope you like this new design and we can’t wait to show you what’s next. Blimp is a constantly evolving product and the needs of our users is what drives the product’s evolution.

We want to hear what you have to say about the re-design. Contact us @Blimp, hello@getblimp.com or leave a comment below.

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