Announcing Basecamp Classic Importer

By Giovanni Collazo 01 May 2013


A few weeks ago we launched project importers for Trello and Basecamp New. Since then many users have asked us to help them import their projects from Basecamp Classic.

Today we are announcing just that. To import your project from Basecamp Classic just go to the project importer page and select the Basecamp option, from there click on the Basecamp Classic button and follow the on-screen instructions.

In a few seconds all of your projects will be waiting on your Blimp account. As with all the other importers you don’t need a Blimp Pro ($12/month everything unlimited) account to use. You can import your project with a Blimp Free account, the only downside is that only one project can be active at once, all other projects will be archived. But you can archive and un-archive projects at will.

If moving from Basecamp Classic was getting in the way of trying out Blimp, you are running out of excuses.

As always we want to know what you think. Contacts us @Blimp, or leave a comment below.

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