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By José Padilla 22 Apr 2013


At Blimp we’re true believers of version control and SCM. Our favorite of these tools is Git and our favorite place to host all of our projects’ source code is GitHub. We use GitHub to host all of our projects, from open source API libraries, to internal tools, and even Blimp.

Every repository on GitHub comes with a couple of tools to help manage your projects. One of those tools is Issues, an integrated issue tracker that comes with assignment, labels, and milestones. One of the coolest features in Issues is how you can reference Issues from your commits. You can even close Issues right from your commit message. GitHub Issues makes for a great simple to-do list for your software development projects.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have created a GitHub service hook for Blimp. Integrating GitHub with Blimp allows you to add all your Github Issues activity to any project in Blimp. Issues along with their comments will be created as tasks inside the goal you specify.


The set up process is very simple:

  1. Go to your GitHub repository’s settings
  2. Go to Service Hooks
  3. Under “Available Service Hooks” click on Blimp
  4. Follow the Install Notes to set up and activate the service
  5. Enjoy!


One thing to note is that the Goals, Tasks, and Comments that are created from your GitHub issues will be created with the user you setup in the Service Hook. There’s an optional step that you can take if this causes confusion. You can create an additional user in your company just for this. We created one for us called “The Octocat” after GitHub’s awesome mascot together with their mark its avatar.


We think this is a useful feature for those using GitHub Issues to track bugs and Blimp to manage projects. We hope you like it and as always we really want to know what you think, so please send us an email us or send a tweet to @Blimp.

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