Node client library for Blimp

By Elving Rodríguez 01 Mar 2013


Today I released a simple Node client library for using the Blimp API just in time for the HackPR Hackathon tomorrow, which we will sponsor along other awesome companies!

To get started, install the npm module:

npm install blimp

Now you can require the blimp module in your node applications:

var Blimp = require('blimp');

Using the module is very easy:

var blimp = new Blimp({
  username: 'username',
  apiKey: 'apikey',
  appId: 'appid',
  secret: 'secret'

// get all companies that I'm part of
blimp.get('company', function(results) {

You can find all the documentation you nee to get rollin’ in then github repo. You can also contribute to this project if you want 😉

If you are a developer using the Blimp API you can get a free 1 year subscription. Check out the post about the API to learn more.

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