Moving from Trello to Blimp

By Giovanni Collazo 08 Feb 2013

Trello to Blimp importer

One of the most requested features to date has been an easy way to import boards from Trello. Today is the day.

We are happy to announce that we just launched support for Trello on our project importer. Now, after you sign up, go to the projects page and click on the import link, then three more clicks and all your Trello boards are going to be waiting for you in your Blimp account.

The Trello importer is pretty smart it will transform each of your Trello boards into a project, every list in into a goal, every card into a task and all the activity inside a card into a discussion thread. This will work with your own boards or with boards that you’ve been invited to.

We hope this feature will help you ease the pain of moving all your stuff from Trello to Blimp. As always we are listening, so send us your feedback and comments.


Update: Why move from Trello to Blimp?

Some folks over on Hacker News where wondering what are the reasons to switch from Trello to Blimp. I will try to answer that here.

Blimp is a method or process (for project management) and a toolset to automate and extract data from that process. With Trello you get an awesome tool in which you can implement any process you can come up with, but you have to come up with your own process or learn one of the many methodologies and how to implement and enforce it within the app of your choice.

But, even if you implement you own methodology or any other of the popular methodologies for managing projects and tasks, you app doesn’t know about it, so it won’t be able to automate or extract a lot of meaningful information. Also learning any of the popular methodologies for project management takes a lot of time. We are trying to embed the learning of our methodology within the application itself. It’s a work in progress.

With Blimp you just have to learn a very simple process that the application itself will help you implement and enforce. For instance we have a DO button on tasks. When a user starts working on that task he or she just have to click on it to let everyone know that he or she is working on that. Cool, but I can do that with Trello. Yes you can, but with Blimp if that task stays in the DOING state for more than 24 hours without being completed the system will email the user asking for an update on the task. This is just a simple example but it should help me explain my next point.

You see, Blimp understands the process your team is using so it can extract meaningful data from it. We are just getting started but the app will keep getting smarter and users don’t have to learn a lot to enjoy the benefits.

Finally, if you are a veteran professional and have your way of doing stuff, well maybe Trello is better for you. But if you are just getting started or just don’t want to read the 500 page of the newest agile stuff and need to hack you way into looking professional and making your clients happy, give Blimp a try.

I hope this helps.


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