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By José Padilla 29 Jan 2013


Yesterday we announced the new project importer and to keep things moving, today we are announcing two brand new features: tags and task search. The tags implementation works just like twitter’s hashtags, you just #tag a task and it becomes easily searchable. And speaking of searchable, the new search feature allow very powerful and expressive searches, it’s really cool.


** Users are used to adding a # before a relevant keyword to categorize a Tweet, a photo on Instagram, a video on YouTube, a post on Google+, Tumblr, or Pinterest. #Tags provide a useful way of grouping and associating particular topics of discussion.

We added #tags functionality to Blimp’s tasks because of their simple to understand nature. For example, you can add the tag #design to all the tasks related to design work. That will allow other users to easily filter by that tag just by clicking on it or by making a #tag search. Easy enough.


** #Tags are only helpful if you can search and filter them. So, we implemented a pretty powerful search feature that lets you not only search for any keyword on a task but also filter them by assigned users, tags, status, and color. This allows you to create useful searches like the following:

Here’s a list of all available searches:

Assgined to

Task status

Task color



** Let us know what you think on twitter @getblimp or leave a comment below.

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