Organize tasks by color

By Giovanni Collazo 17 Jan 2013


Clients have told us that they need more ways to organize tasks within a projects and we are going to do something about it. Actually a lot about it. Today we are launching the first of a few enhancements that will facilitate task organization within projects. In the following weeks we will launch a few other features that will provide very powerful task organization and search capabilities within projects.

How to use

The idea with colors is to provide a very simple and generic way to organize tasks. They don’t have a specific meaning, you can use them for whatever you want. For instance, you can mark all urgent tasks with red. You can mark all tasks that happen outside of the office with purple and all the tasks that have to do with phone calls with yellow. Very simple.

To assign a color to a task just click on the cog icon on the right side of a task and select the color you want. The color will be displayed as a little line on the left side of the task. All your co-workers will see the color you assigned to that task.

colors demo

This is a very simple and lightweight way to highlight tasks for others to see, so this is where we are starting. In the coming weeks we will introduce very powerful new features but we have to start somewhere.

Tell us what you think. Is this useful to you? How are you using colors? Do you have other ideas?

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