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By Giovanni Collazo 19 Dec 2012

Blimp - Dropbox integration

On monday we announced the launch of Blimp our project management solution for doers. Today we are happy to announce that all paid plan subscribers, including beta tester plan subscribers can enjoy awesome Dropbox integration.

Now on the files page you can upload files from your computer or attach files directly from your Dropbox using the recently announced chooser. If you attach a file from Dropbox, that file will stay in sync with the latest version on your computer and mobile devices. Just what you would expect from Dropbox.

What’s even more cool is that Dropbox files won’t count against your plan limits for file storage.

Upgrade to the beta tester plan today

You have until January 1st to upgrade to the beta tester plan. For only $12 per month you get unlimited projects, unlimited users, 100MB of file storage, the Dropbox integration feature and access to new features before all other users. You can keep the beta tester plan for as long as you want and cancel anytime.

Sign up and subscribe to the beta plan to enjoy the new Dropbox integration.

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