Blimp: project management for doers

By Giovanni Collazo 14 Dec 2012

Blimp: project management for doers

Today we are happy to announce that Blimp, our project management software is finally open for business. We will be offering our “beta tester plan” until January 1st. The plan offers unlimited projects for $12 a month, you can keep it for as long as you want and cancel anytime. Sign up today to take advantage of this limited time offer.

For those who have not being following the updates on Blimp, here’s the summary.

José Padilla, Elving Rodríguez and I have been working for some time on a project management solution for creative companies. We call our customers doers. People that like to actually work on their craft instead of becoming full time managers.

Our clients have told us that they love coding and designing and even after growing a successful business, they still want some time to actually code and design. We are building a tool that will empower doers to do just that.

We love making things and we like helping others who have a passion for creating. You and I know, that when we started our businesses, we were hoping to change the world in meaningful ways. We didn’t sign up to become Michael Scott.

Everybody knows that good management is essential for any business to succeed, but taking the time to create awesome things is what gives us strength to move forward. Blimp is offering doers a tool and a vision to achieve a balance between doing and managing. A world in which you will have more time to create and actually get a shot to work on leaving a dent in the universe.

We know that the project management software space is filled with great products like Trello, Basecamp and Asana among many others, but they only fix half the problem. They provide awesome tools to help you implement your own workflow. But what happens when you don’t have a workflow? You now have more work, you have to learn how to manage projects and how to implement the different approaches in the app of your choice.

We’ve done the homework, read the books, read the blog posts, watched the videos, talked to people with much more experience than us and most importantly we’ve tested our learnings with our own clients. After trial and error we ended up with a simple to understand workflow that can help doers, manage projects without having to read the 500 page book or having to go to a geeky conference.

We’ve been using this workflow for years and today we are sharing a tool, a process and a vision that will help others take advantage of our learnings.

We believe project management software can do much more than just provide a set of simple tools. Our vision is to help our users with their actual project management. Blimp will help you implement a process that is simple and makes sense, for you and your clients. Blimp will make status meetings obsolete and it will keep you team in sync with no effort. It will make sure your team keeps their status updated. It will always provide fresh and important information about your projects. It will empower you to make your clients happy.

Blimp will become your project manager.

I know that’s a really big statement, but that’s where we are heading. We can clearly see the path to that vision and some pieces of that puzzle are already in place. I know we have a long way to go but it can and it will be done.

Join us in our journey to help doers, do more and manage less.

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